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Divisible is a company which develops and implements Artificial Intelligence driven solutions into business processes, focusing on workflow management and impact of decisions on data.We boast cutting-edge technologies, of our own, in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as predictive models capable of achieving accuracies difficult to improve, ensuring our customers the achievement of great results.

Why Divisible

divisible - ai meets business

When I started Divisible I was just a teenager with some mathematical skills and a very simple dream: making people less worried when they need to take a business decision.

I have started investing exclusively in technology development: we have created some of the most outstanding Artificial Intelligence algorithms out there, but no one was able to use them since they were too complex.

That’s why we started growing in many directions, acquiring talented people with very different skills.

We are not close to the goal yet, but, since there is not a field in which I’m the no. 1 in my company, I know we are well on the road.

Michele Grazioli | Divisible Founder
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Who we are

divisible - ai meets business

Divisible is a company which develops Artificial Intelligence-driven technology. It owns all the knowhow about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, besides being the owner of all the algorithms, including Causal Correlation and “White Box” Neural Network ones.

Divisible is based in Milan,Italy.

What we do

divisible - ai meets business

Business Analysis
and Consulting

We identify, analyze and process the large amounts of available data that characterize the activity of a company, taking into account both internal and external variables. This allows us to provide and develop the best strategies to maximize our clients' business.

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Development of
Effective Predictive Models

Using our proprietary Causal Correlation Algorithm, we are able to develop extremely effective and durable predictive models, which can be used for various purposes such as forecasting sales, predicting the bottom line of a project or even understanding if accepting a new client is a proper decision for the company.

Predictive models are usually developed from scratch to best-fit business needs, nonetheless we have a repository of pre-made models which are available on demand.

If you are interested in all of this, and you have a specific budget, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

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Development of Powerful
Artificial Intelligence Frameworks

Artificial Intelligence is a complex field, which requires a very wide knowledge that includes big data management, algorithms development, and business logic understanding. To accomplish this, over the years, we have developed an innovative approach, which consists of developing a framework that allows to easily manage AI algorithms, in order to get business results.

Our competitive advantage is granted by our “WhiteBox” Neural Network, which enables the user to understand why a model has given a specific result.

We can build frameworks from scratch or starting from one of our pre-models, specifically developed to accomplish certain business needs.

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