Dynamic Resource Planner

Artificial Intelligence at the service of business activities: the optimal resource management.

The Dynamic Resource Planner by Divisible is an advanced work planning system, based on the constant reworking of real-time information, which allows to optimize resources as the working day evolves.

Our solution allows you to perfectly balance the responses to orders in your portfolio with those required to meet last-minute emergencies. The system organizes and makes the workforce reactive by elaborating an integrated plan and planning. This allows you to deal effectively with commitments and unforeseen events, ensuring excellent customer service, minimizing time and costs and ensuring the completion of multiple tasks in a single day.

Planning is fundamental for companies: a tool that is open to flexible actions is essential to prevent an organization from falling behind. The Dynamic Resource Planner takes you definitely into the future.

Dynamic Resource Planner

Strengths of the Dynamic Resource Planner

Flexible resource planning

Through a responsive resource planner, the system provides unique visibility and insight on a shared platform.

Workforce performance analysis

An accurate analysis helps you to understand the status of your workforce, the involvement of activities and the overall progress of the project.

Forecasting results

Our tool is equipped with performance, financial, utilization and availability forecasting capabilities that measure the capacity of the workforce to meet current demand and future opportunities. This allows you to optimize the level of employee utilization, reducing work time and leveraging everyone's experience for uncompleted tasks.

Centralization of information

The Dynamic Resource Planner creates an invaluable centralized repository of information, which is accessible to authorized users and eliminates repetitive requests.

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