our approach

We like challenges: we study for our clients unconventional and innovative solutions that leave their mark. But that's not all: at the same time they guarantee companies peace, security and solidity.

Our model is Trajan, the OPTIMUS PRINCEPS, who on the one hand brought the empire to maximum expansion, and on the other hand gave Rome great infrastructure. He was admired for his sense of justice, his virtues, and his attention to culture, deserving to be placed in Dante's Paradise among the right spirits.

Valid businesses are based on long-term partnerships, and these relationships are based on clear rules. That’s why we developed a very simple but straightforward approach to implementing our solutions which is based on simple ideas:

Understand the Problem

before proposing a solution

Avoid Uncertainty

when dealing with innovative products

Only projects with positive ROI

can be accepted

Client’s Need

could change through the time

To accomplish these, we created a three-steps implementation approach which is the perfect framework to make the solutions effective.

First Step Divisible Approach


Second Step Divisible Approach


Third Step Divisible Approach


+        +
divisible approach formula

our approach

divisible - ai meets business

first step  >

Know the problems
Find solutions and potential

As a consulting company, we offer our ability to determine and understand even the most complex issues and identify the best opportunities; we combine data and business process analysis and evaluation activities with research activities of the reference markets and main competitors, this ensuring the development of optimal strategies.


second step  >

Product implementation

As declared in our ROI policy, we only accept to realize projects with specific requirements about Return On Investment. This method represents a win-win situation since happy clients bring positive feedbacks about our products.

Moreover, to guarantee the best results, we can provide full customization of our applications to make them fit as best as possible to the business. This step is crucial to short-up the learning time of artificial intelligence-powered solutions and provide visible results in a short time.


third step  >

Monitoring and improvement

Since Artificial Intelligence learns through the time, it is crucial to monitor all the applications in order to guarantee the best Return On Investment as possible. That’s why we offer a complete “Monitoring and Improvement” service in order to help the client to get the best from AI solutions.

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