AI-driven Marketing Automation

Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: get to know your customers, anticipate their behaviour, develop the best strategies.

Understanding customers to create a successful business: we integrate Artificial Intelligence into our marketing automation models to reach a higher level.

Artificial intelligence helps companies understand and predict customer behaviour and identify which strategies to use to achieve the best possible response. Furthermore, it helps companies effectively automate actions to ensure personalized content for each customer, optimal allocation of available resources and promotions consistent with their needs.

AI-driven Marketing Automation

Attribution Model

How much did each of my advertising channels contribute to my company's sales?

That's the question a good marketing director should ask himself every day. The answer could be simple, except that our client might have seen our brand on television a year ago, then in the newspaper while he was at the beach and last but not least, after he found it as Facebook advertising, he clicked and bought it.

How did these channels and campaigns influence his choice?

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Divisible's attribution Model is an automatic process of matching sales to specific communication campaigns or advertising channels in order to identify the sources from which revenues are generated, thus optimizing the allocation of marketing resources.

The solution we have developed makes it possible to assess with high precision the weight that each advertising channel, or any other point of contact, has had in the different steps of the purchasing process.

AI-driven Marketing Automation

Churn Analysis

What is?

Churn analysis is a predictive analysis that can identify customers who are more likely to leave a brand, product or service. The aim is to neutralize such behaviours, intervening in advance, through the controlled and precise application of customer retention strategies.

How it works?

The use of our model allows the analysis of the multiple information available on customers, ensuring the company to monitor in real time the level of customer satisfaction and plan actions to increase it.

Churn Analysis by Divisible is also the ideal tool to simulate the impact of abandonment on revenues.

AI-driven Marketing Automation


• Increased profits: analysing the churn rate and identifying where your customers are likely to leave provides significant guidance on what loyalty activities to develop to create positive experiences and increase brand supporters.

• Product and Service Optimization: churn analysis provides companies with an accurate prediction of customer preferences; the valuable information available helps to optimize existing products or create a new one.

AI-driven Marketing Automation

Churn Prediction

Analysis and prediction of the churn rate are not the same thing!

Our Churn Prediction model measures the probability of a particular client abandoning, and therefore allows you to plan and implement corrective activities in advance.

If there is one last moment when something can still be done... we've done it a moment before.

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