Workforce Automation

The fastest and easiest way to automate tasks and business decisions.

If effectively automated, repetitive tasks can become significant added value for businesses.

Workforce Automation

Workforce Automation System

Divisible designed the Workforce Automation System, a powerful and flexible rule-based process automation tool where tasks, data or files are directed to people or systems according to predefined rules.

The system is applicable to countless business areas: from data entry in various databases, to email marketing campaigns, to accounting and financial and human resources management.

workforce automation system

By automating workflows, especially processes that are manually managed by staff, you can achieve significant improvements in:





Job satisfaction

Thus designed, the automation of repetitive business processes, on the one hand maximizes results and reduces the chance of error, on the other hand gives valuable time to entrepreneurs and management, who no longer have to deal with tasks that can be completed by our software.

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